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If you know a few words, you can make a sentence. If you write a few sentences you can make a paragraph.

1000 words magazine

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Who told you that? If only we were brother and sister! So where were we? Buzie looks at me with her big wistful eyes and says: Look at that sky! I feel the warm breeze. I hear the birds tweeting and soaring over our heads.

Give me your hand, Buzie! Why is Buzie shy with me? Why is she blushing? Let us see if the vine has flowered, if its blossoms have opened, if the pomegranates are in bloom. The stream flows, the frogs croak, the boards of the plank-bridge shake and sway, and Buzie trembles.

And since we have our arms around each other, we continue like this, the two of us alone through this Paradise.

1000 words magazine

Buzie holds on to me very tightly. It stretches on and on. Dotted with golden specks and sprinkled with scarlet buds. And the sweet smells—the finest spices in the world! And we walk with our arms around each other, all alone, just the two of us in this Paradise.

A deep anxiety lies hidden in them, a silent sorrow. She carries a great pain in her heart.


A resentment toward her mother who took a new husband and left her forever— as if she were a stranger. My mother is her mother. My father, her father. And they love her as if she were their own child.

They fret over her, they indulge her every whim. My parents are concerned our going alone outside of the shtetl to gather greens for Shevuos. We amble along over the wide expanse of meadow under the wide expanse of sky. We run across the green field, roll and tumble in the fragrant grass.

I lead Buzie across the length and breadth of the meadow and brag about my estates. See that little hill? It annoys me that she laughs. She always laughs at me. Offended, I turn away from her for a while. And I take her by the hand and lead her to my little hill, where I always sit, every year.

If I wish, I sit down.Feb 18,  · The word count of an auctioneer is much faster than the words per minute the typical book-on-tape actor manages. Sadly, this means the .

Mar 26,  · Our dedicated flash prose writer, Marianne Rossant, has written ten little pieces for us — an elegant metric of words, plus an introduction — that begs us to ask you if you'll join her in exploring your brief eloquent side — in words, give or take a word or four.

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My First Words This book is a great tool for introducing children to new vocabulary words. Words are organized into fun categories, & each word is accompanied by a colorful & kid-friendly image. See photos, profile pictures and albums from Words Magazine - Lélek.

Clarkesworld is a science fiction magazine that has won numerous awards, including 3 Hugo Awards. They pay $ a word for the first 5, words, and $ cents each word after that.

They have a maximum of 16, words. That means a maximum total payment of . How Much Should I Charge? 71 PER PROJECT PER HOUR OTHER HIGH LOW AVG HIGH LOW AVG HIGH LOW AVG 1 Other figures based on length of speech (min=minute).

2 Speech writing for $ $30 $86 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a Run min=run minute.

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