Circus ponies ipad handwriting applications

Posted by admin Livescribe in EducationLivescribe News 1 Comment The iPad is shaping up to be a hot commodity for students headed back to school. While students gain a lot of value using the iPad for studying and research, in practice, most note-taking applications and input devices for the iPad still have trouble keeping up with the speed of lectures. In addition to the sheer speed of handwriting notes, there are a slew of other cognitive benefits associated with writing as it relates to learning and memory. While just recently the state of Indiana dropped the requirement for students to learn cursive writing because education officials said it was more important to learn typing skills, research shows that handwriting is still incredibly important to mental development and educational success.

Circus ponies ipad handwriting applications

I primarily use MS OneNote to take notes in class.

circus ponies ipad handwriting applications

I find having all my notes contained in virtual "notebooks" and "tabs" to be very convenient, as well as the Office Live feature that syncs all my notes between my various computers.

I'm looking for a similar program that could do all this on the Mac, preferably one that would be intercompatible with Windows. Hi, Although I hope you already found a solution May 30 todayI went through this exact issue and finally decided to go with Evernote.

I tried other options including the very different product DevonThink. I had used Evernote off and on for a few months earlier when still on my PC as a cross platform tool with my others.

Circus Ponies NoteBook Alternatives and Similar Software -

What really attracted me to Evernote this time around was: And I haven't found a "highlighter" either. You can "group" notes thankfully. And there is a Tag system that may become useful.

But overall it is very workable and cross platform. Find it on Mac App Store.

circus ponies ipad handwriting applications

I find as a teacher it has everything OneNote has. At the moment in Reader format it is pretty useless but, they have a editor on iPad which is great and I expect they will have the editor for Mac before the year is out.Top Best Apps for Kids TOP BEST APPS FOR KIDS.

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Feb 06,  · Academic note taking: Circus Ponies Notebooks versus Evernote Posted on 06/02/ by iexpand In several previous posts on this blog (see some links below), I have sung the praises of Circus Ponies Notebooks, and I still think it’s one of the best note taking apps .

Circus Ponies NoteBook The app can help you with managing your notes, but also holds up when it comes to more complex tasks like project or task management, writing/preparing a paper, collecting multi-media files etc.

Apr 30,  · A note-taking app that can't manage lots of notes is useless. NoteBook's familiar "notebook" interface keeps all of your notes organized, in a way that makes sense to you.

A few months ago, I bought myself an iPad2. At first, I thought I would be using it primarily as my e-reader. However, as I started to become more familiar with the device, I realized it also had serious potential of being an effective and powerful tool in my law practice.

In this article, I. Circus Ponies Notebook is a note taking and organizing application that can be used for taking class notes,.

OmniOutliner, various text editors, and of course. Circus Ponies NoteBook can be used for taking class notes, managing projects, documenting research, journaling, staying organized, scrapbooking, and more.

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