Endangers wildcat essays

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Endangers wildcat essays

Contact Author Jaguars are an endangered animal, along with many other cats. Source Due to the territorial habits of many big cats, they require a large amount of land.

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Many cats, including the Florida Panther, are being affected by the deforestation that occurs as we make more cities across the world. The more land humans inhabit and the more forests, we cut down, the less area these big cats have to roam.

Cats that are most affected by deforestation are those who live in the rainforest. Many of these cats have become endangered and some even extinct. These large feline creatures are all very beautiful animals, yet are also dwindling in their population.

There needs to be a change in order to Endangers wildcat essays these magnificent creatures.

Jaguar Facts

Jaguar Pic Their black spots are deemed rosettes, because they are shaped like roses. Source Jaguar Facts In the wild, a jaguar can live anywhere from years.

Jaguars are the largest of the South American cats, weighing around pounds. They measure 5 to 6 feet from head to rear, with their tail being around two and a half to three feet long. They used to be found in the southern part of the United States near the Mexican border, although now they are only found in South and Central America.

Unlike most cats, they love the water and are very powerful swimmers. They often will live near rivers where they can catch fish or turtles, although they prefer to eat deer, capybaras, and tapirs. They are very athletic and can climb trees as well. Like the ocelot, they are becoming endangered due to their need for large areas of land and they need to live alone.

Unfortunately, they are not well-protected by laws, despite that there are laws in place to protect them. They are still hunted.

Why are wild cats endangered?

They have gorgeous fur that is very distinctive that are coveted by poachers. Most jaguars are tan or orange with black spots. Although there are darker jaguars that appear to be spotless if you look closely you will notice that they actually do have the rosette-shaped markings.

Another danger a jaguar encounters is that ranchers often will kill them when they see a jaguar on their land because jaguars are notorious for killing livestock.

Photo of Ocelot Ocelots are very beautiful with extremely unique markings, much like that of a leopard, with dark markings around the eyes, similar to the appearance of mascara.

They also have large white circles on the back of their ears.

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Source Ocelot Facts Ocelots are the smallest of the big cats at about 24 to 35 pounds. The body length is around five feet; the tail being a third of that length, with the females being slightly smaller.

They are also found in Central America, and South America. They usually like to be near water or marshes, rather than in an open field.

In the s and before, many would sell ocelots as pets to those in the United States. Many of these animals would die during transport or because of the lack of care. Fortunately, this is illegal now. It is also illegal to sell their fur for trade.

Endangers wildcat essays

Twenty ocelots are needed to make one fur coat. This is a large reason why they became endangered. Although their biggest threat is not hunting nor capturing, it is that their land is being taken over by human civilization.

Because they are solitary and territorial, they need a lot of land to survive. A male will need around 20 square miles to live, and will not overlap land with another male ocelot. This is why their species are being threatened by the habitation of humans.

Sumatran Tiger Photo The Sumatran tiger is the most endangered and the smallest of all subspecies of tigers. Source Sumatran Tiger The Sumatran tiger, aka the Indonesia tiger, is one of the rarest of all tigers and considered critically endangered with less than in the wild.There are many endangered animals in our world, and very few are critically endangered.

One animal species that is critically endangered is the Iriomote Wild Cat. Key points to the Iriomote Wild Cat’s endangerment are habitat loss, not being well known, and feral domestic cats. Conservation group Wildcat Haven has worked to safeguard Scottish wildcats in their last stronghold in the Highlands.

Endangered animals are those species that are in danger of going extinct. Their reproductive rates are lower than their mortality rates over long periods of time, so their numbers are diminishing.

The reasons for this are varied, but lately, very often involve a loss of . Home Essays Economic Developme.

Economic Developme. Topics: National security The world today seemed to have realised that there is no end to the race of power game and that endangers the existence of a nation instead of ensuring security.

Security is essentially a matter of perception.

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PLOT Call of the Wild essay A plot of a story includes the introduction, rising actions, climax, and falling action. The plot gives a story structure and helps keep the story organized. The plot gives a story structure and helps keep the story organized.

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