English major creative writing concentration

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English major creative writing concentration

This page is designed to introduce you to our program and help you navigate through it. In order to earn a concentration in Creative Writing, you must declare an English major.

A significant part of the creative writing program at MUW involves the study of literature. In order to be a writer, you need to read and be well versed in interpretation of literature and in the literary canon. Therefore, you must take the same number of literature courses as any other English major.

Creative writing students also take three advanced writing courses see below. You may also count the scriptwriting course offered through the theater department as one of your advanced writing courses.

The final step for the creative writing concentration is the completion of a senior portfolio. Full program description in the MUW Undergraduate Bulletin How to declare the concentration To declare a concentration in creative writing, you must fill out a change of major form.

Even if you are already an English major, you must fill out the form. English major creative writing concentration declare the concentration? The most important reason to declare it is to let your advisor know what you want to do before you graduate.

It will also help the university keep track of its majors and help the creative writing program demonstrate its growth. Each student in the concentration can get her or his copy from Dr. Once those are distributed, interested students who are taking creative writing classes may be able to get a copy as well, and one copy will be available in the division office for anyone to look at.

Here are some of their accomplishments we know about. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. She is also a full-time English instructor at Louisiana State University. I took a creative writing class during my senior year under Dr. I wrote a short story, and I pulled that manuscript out and started with that.

Austin University Press, I know they made a difference! If you have earned achievements that we should list or if you know of others who have, we would love to hear about it! Creative Writing Courses There are three levels of creative writing courses at MUW, which you can identify by their course number: EN Advanced Writing Workshop offers you the opportunity to do independent study work in creative writing or to take a second workshop in the genre of your choice, concurrently with other students.

EN Creative Writing This is the entry-level creative writing course. It focuses on both poetry and fiction, and provides a foundation in the key concepts we will be using in the more advanced workshops.

Therefore, it is a prerequisite for all other creative writing courses. You should take it in your sophomore or junior year if you are interested in the creative writing concentration.

It is usually offered every year in the fall. This course can be substituted as prerequisite for the Fiction Writing Workshop, since there are so many similarities.

English major creative writing concentration

It is usually offered every year in the spring. It focuses on practical skills in writing in the workplace. Since it offers creative writing students exposure to writing they might use in their careers to earn an income It can not be a substituted as a prerequisite for any creative writing course, however.

The demands of the portfolio are higher, and students read essays on the craft of writing fiction. The prerequisites are EN or EN It is offered every other year in the spring. The demands of the portfolio are higher, and students read essays on the craft of writing poetry.NOTE: this page will be updated shortly to reflect changes to the English major for all who declare the major during or after Fall You may view those changes here..

The Creative Writing concentration offers English majors the opportunity to focus on the craft and art of writing, editing, and analyzing their own original.

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