Father writing a letter to his daughter

Michelle Watson Do yourself and your daughter a favor. Write her a letter and tell her what you love about her.

Father writing a letter to his daughter

March 1, Papa, I was going about my usual day today then I remembered you for no specific reason. That often happens you know. I used to be so scared of you when I was young.

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That was even when people said I was your favorite because I was your only daughter at that time among your four children, as my youngest sister would still come many, many years after. You looked so strict and imposing. You were the picture of toughness at work and the disciplinarian at home.

I would often tremble when I had to ask permission from you to join an outing or attend a party.

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Even if you did it unsmilingly and I guessgrudgingly, you brought and fetched me every time without fail. You were always the first parent to come to school when classes were cancelled due to bad weather.

I broke your heart when I got married very young. I never saw you cry before but when I told you I had to leave, you wept. You wept so hard, it broke my heart as well. I have never completely forgiven myself for doing that to you.


Even then, you never gave up on me. You found a way for me to finish my education. You rallied our family behind me when my marriage failed. Looking back, I realized that you never failed me.

You have to forgive me sometimes when I call on you in times of deep trouble when I should be letting you enjoy your peace. Thinking of you everyday….Thank you Dad, for showing me the way.

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Source: The Frick And when I was ready to fly the nest, your only concern was, "He better treat you well. If he doesn't, I will break his legs." As you and I laughed that sentence off, we both knew what it really meant and somewhere, so did my future husband.

Thank you Dad, for always looking out for me. Jun 11,  · This letter is to truly celebrate what is possible between fathers and daughters -- no matter what age she is.

It is never too late or too early to begin a loving relationship. Daughters, if your father was not the Dad you wished he would be, I am sorry.

father writing a letter to his daughter

For a father’s heart, there is a time in life that is a small death and I have been preparing for it ever since you left for college miles away from home.

It is the time when, one happy day, another man will become number one in your life. Example No. 1 of a letter from a father to his 15 years old daughter: My beloved daughter, today you are celebrating fifteen springs and so I have decided to write this letter to you because there are many things I want to tell you.

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