Gcse spanish essays

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Gcse spanish essays

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If there is one thing that has had the biggest impact on my work-life balance it has to be assessment and marking. There was once a time when marking took me several hours an evening and several over the weekend. Nowadays I spend a few hours a week out of directed time marking and assessing.

No longer do I drag a bag of books home with me. No longer do I have a books and assessments piling up by the door over the holidays, calling and beckoning me to Gcse spanish essays them instead of resting. Yet I see more progress taking place in my classroom than ever before.

Meticulously planned feedback Next step has been planning when and where to give feedback across the school year. My department and I have looked at the work we get students to complete and figured out how we can assess progress over time.

The provision of feedback has been carefully plotted to ensure students can act on it in a timely fashion but so they can also make use of it in the long term when they come back to similar skills or content.

Gcse spanish essays

We use assessment for learning strategies in class to check understanding and to pick up on misconceptions along with verbal feedback. The exam style questions are roughly undertaken every weeks. Despite not marking the classwork, I know where my students are through discussions, live marking and assessment for learning strategies.

I teach my students from day 1 how to feedback effectively. It takes times, scaffolding and persistence but it pays off. By the end of the year students are highly effective at self and peer-assessing. They do not take my place as the professional provider of feedback but they provide one another with feedback on their work and they have time to act on the feedback before they submit work.

More on peer assessment here. Feed-up, feedback and feedforward Feed up, might be better known as modelling expectations or to clarify the objective, before allowing students to engage with a task.

Take feedback from students through assessment for learning and use it to forward plan.

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For this I quite like using the whole class feedback approach, I review all of the books without writing anything in them. Instead I go through the feedback with the class the next lesson.

Live mark I love discussing work with students there and then in the classroom; the ability to identify successes with students and areas for improvement in the classroom is incredibly powerful.

I carry a highlighter with me as much as possible and will highlight areas for improvement or put a dot in the margin to identify an area to review. I discuss progress with my students and encourage meta-cognitive questioning.

Simplify feedback Make it simple. Use strategies such as marking codes, dot marking or comment banks to reduce your time spent writing feedback.Past Papers Below are all the available documents related to Spanish webkandii.com view PDFs on this page you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Gcse spanish essays
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