Paper abnormal

Who is to say, what is normal and what is not normal? Now, take it a step further.

Paper abnormal

Hire Writer Introduction In the following paper, I focus on the abnormal psychology. In this regard, a description of abnormal psychology is presented. After the description, attention shifts to the terms: The definitions of the terms are given.

In addition, the two terms are examined using biological, behavioral, and cognitive perspectives. How would you describe Abnormal Psychology?

Abnormal psychology focuses on psychopathology, as well as abnormal behavior Hergenhahn, The word encompasses such disorders as depression, obsession and sexual deviations. Counselors, psychotherapists and clinical psychologists are some of the professionals that work in the field of abnormal psychology.

Literarily, abnormal implies aspects that fall out of the norm.

Paper abnormal

In practice, human behavior is expected to follow some normal curve. A big percentage of people are clustered around the average conduct.

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Those people who fall into the extremes are presumed to be abnormal. In regards to psychology, abnormality relates to high levels of disruption or distress that affects behavior negatively Hergenhahn, How would you define Normal and Abnormal? The relationship rests on the fact that they are the opposite words.

Normal refers to what is usual or generally acceptable. Thus, the term normal is used to refer to aspects or behavior that fall within the societal norms. In reference to workplaces, the term normal relates to practices that are accepted.

On the other hand, abnormal is seen as unusual conduct or behavior. Abnormal behavior is the condct that falls outside the precincts of what is seen as acceptable or tolerable. Hence, I would define normal, as the behavior that is within approved standards among societal or institutional members.

On the other hand, I would define abnormal, as one that falls outside expectations among members of a group or an institution. How do these Terms Relate to Success in the Workplace? The terms normal and abnormal have a considerable bearing on success at the workplace. This is because the terms are mostly used to refer to the conduct of workers.

When this is the case, some individuals are assumed or labeled as abnormal or normal based on the kind of behavior that they depict. Labeling workers as normal or abnormal has an effect on the performance of workers.

Those whose work is labeled normal would be content on what they do. Thus, they would guarantee continued good performance. On the contrary, those individuals who are deemed to be abnormal are likely to be withdrawn.

Thus, they may compromise work performance if the organization they work for fails to take appropriate action to redress an unacceptable conduct.

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At the same time, labeling the conduct as normal or abnormal is desirable since it spurs employees to observe organizational standards.Abnormal Psychology: An In-depth Examination - In this paper, we will be examining the differences between what is normal and abnormal psychological thinking, various disorders and treatment methods for the various disorders with a focus on therapeutic treatments.

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Introduction. In the following paper, I focus on the abnormal psychology. In this regard, a description of abnormal psychology is presented. After the description, attention shifts to the terms: normal and abnormal. Sign up for our Newsletter. Stay Covered. Follow us on instagram @abnormalsanonymous.

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