Personal statement of a philosophy of advanced practice nursing

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Personal statement of a philosophy of advanced practice nursing

If one agrees with this statement then it would make sense that by positively influencing the family, the client would benefit as well.

In Pursuit of Nursing Excellence

This philosophy fuels my long time personal desire to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. As nurses, we learn to consider the state of health as a continuum. My goal as a nurse practitioner is to assist clients, from the youngest to the oldest, to achieve their maximum health potential.

Nursing is a profession that allows me to be a positive influence in the lives of clients and their families, sometimes at their most vulnerable states. The Neuman Systems Model Reed, proposes that the client is a system or entity which reacts to stressors in the environment.

These stressors can be physical, environmental, psychosocial, or developmental. Over time, each person has developed lines of defenses aiding in protection against stressors. When lines of defense are weakened the system is weakened.

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This is when the role of the advanced practice nurse is most needed. As an advanced practice nurse, the knowledge gained through solid evidence based research will assist in promoting health literacy and self efficacy in my clients.

Clients who are informed and empowered will be proactive in the restoration of healthy defenses through health promotion, and disease prevention.

The advanced practice nurse should be a positive influence for clients of all ages along the health care spectrum. This influence may include teaching clients, families, or communities how to live a healthy life in spite of disease. It may also incorporate being a proponent for positive changes in the current health care system.

This differentiates the advanced practice nurse from other providers in that the provider-patient relationship is one of mutual interaction.

As an advanced practice nurse, I am confident the time spent with my client encompasses more than just diagnosing and prescribing. I believe my clients expect a relationship of mutual respect and reciprocity with their Nurse Practitioner, together with the assurance that this advanced practice nurse is a competent health care provider.

The Neuman Systems Model.The process of identifying a personal nursing philosophy of advanced nursing practice and continuously examining, affirming, and validating this philosophy through caring for patients, families, communities, populations, and/or systems can foster professional and personal growth that builds advanced practice expertise.

Articulation of a personal nursing philosophy involves contemplation of one’s beliefs, principles and values which direct practice (p. 65, Uys & Smit, as cited in DeKeyser & Medoff-Cooper, ). My philosophy for advanced practice nursing (APN) is an extension of the philosophy of my nursing practice.

Personal statement of a philosophy of advanced practice nursing

I plan to form a partnership with my patients in which compassionate, holistic, evidence based care will lead to the patient maintaining optimal health and . Advanced Practice Nursing Philosophy Family is one of the most direct environmental influences to promote health, development, and well-being (World Health Organization, ).

If one agrees with this statement then it would make sense that by positively influencing the family, the .

A nursing philosophy is a key statement of a nurse or organization and their commitment to accountability, professionalism, and compassion for the ill. Along with an organization, individual nurses are accountable for their personal growth and knowledge.

Personal Advanced Practice Nursing Philosophy As I began my graduate studies in nursing, I reviewed the personal nursing philosophy statement that I prepared during my undergraduate studies. I found that the essence of my philosophy has not changed and is still consistent with my beliefs regarding nursing roles.

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