Protecting biodiversity through science and technology essay

Crimes, wars, poverty, pollution — name it, the world has it.

Protecting biodiversity through science and technology essay

How Biodiversity Promotes Stability

Crimes, wars, poverty, pollution? It is a sad truth universally accepted that humans are the primary cause of these problems. It cannot be denied that human activities further uphold problems detrimental to the environment and to the whole community as well. To solve or minimize these problems, self-discipline must be everybody concern.

Man knows what is right or wrong, so the right must prevail in his system. Biodiversity loss is caused by humans and their activities. Thus, man must think of ways beneficial to the conservation and protection of the environment.

Let us pay off our debts to the environment. We owe our environment a lot. This can be done by merely starting at home. Environmental sanitation at home will keep us free from pollution that will hinder the growth of bacteria that will affect our health.

With this, we can still breathe fresh alarm and live a intended life. In one way Is harmful and causes lots of stress to the environment, thus promoting biodiversity loss.

Protecting biodiversity through science and technology essay

As human population increases, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation became rampant. Planting more trees and more crops that will help screen impurities in the air and water is one great way, for this will balance the increase in human population.Essay # 1.

Introduction to Biodiversity: The term biological diversity or biodiversity refers to the variety of life forms and habitats found in a defined area. Abstract: Although flawed, the most powerful tool for protecting biodiversity in the United States is the Endangered Species Act, which requires the use of the best available science to ensure that endangered and threatened species are not put in jeopardy of extinction.

In a forest ecosystem, living members are interdependent, and they are also dependent on abiotic, or nonliving, factors in the environment, such as water, light, temperature, space, topography, soil type, chemicals, nutrients and other factors.

Science observes biodiversity in the biome and technology informs planners assessing the biodiversity's regenerative capabilities despite competitive resource usage.

Oct 27,  · How Emerging Technologies Could Help Protect Biodiversity. and while the collection of more data through digital camera traps or I'm a freelance journalist covering technology for several.

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