Surviving the dissertation

Patterns emerged in the comments; we seem to have a canon of encouraging thoughts to say to doctoral defenders: This is going to be a disaster. From talks with several committee members, I had a feeling that I would get hit with some questions on theoretical backgrounds. Shortly after I defended, I spoke to a faculty member who said that she had memorized all of the medieval archbishops of Canterbury in preparation for her own defense.

Surviving the dissertation

Getting Started Chapter 1: The Research Process Chapter 2: Selecting a Suitable Topic Chapter 3: Working with the Content: The Dissertation Chapters Chapter 4: Literature Review and Statement of the Problem Chapter 5: Describing Your Research Plan Chapter 6: Presenting the Results of Quantitative Studies Chapter 7: Presenting the Results of Qualitative Research Chapter 8: Guidelines for the Presentation of Numbers in the Dissertation Chapter Informed Consent and Other Ethical Concerns.

The Research ProcessChapter 2: Selecting a Suitable TopicChapter 3: The Dissertation ChaptersChapter 4: Literature Review and Statement of the ProblemChapter 5: Describing Your Research PlanChapter 6: Presenting the Results of Quantitative StudiesChapter 7: Presenting the Results of Qualitative ResearchChapter 8: Guidelines for the Presentation of Numbers in the DissertationChapter Kjell Erik Rudestam, Rae R.

Giving guidance on issues from ways to improve your writing, to identifying your learning preferences, to dealing with emotional blocks, this text presents you with expert advice on the entire dissertation process. Reviews Editorial reviews Publisher Synopsis "The text is well organized It includes chapters on the presentation of both quantitative and qualitative results which are particularly welcome in PhD programs that value paradigmatic diversity and do not expect students to conform to the assumptions of a single paradigm such as positivism.

I like the detailed explanations and examples for writing each section of the dissertation The text explains and gives examples of how to write the methodology and the results.

Surviving the dissertation

I also think the student suggestions are very helpful. It's practical and consistent with the title in terms of compliance with requirements while seeking the path of least resistance toward completion of a quality product. Hacker, Walden University "This text provides a broad coverage, focused approach for dissertation, balanced approach between quantitative and qualitative designs, and excellent examples.

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Wagle, Western Michigan University Read more Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.In the end, he came to think of the dissertation as a job to get over with, on the path to writing a book. A Reminder: Scholarly Pursuits: A Guide to Professional Development During the Graduate Years is available online and in paper at the Smith Campus Center Alan Taylor Farnes, “Scribal Habits in Selected New Testament Manuscripts, Including those with Surviving Exemplars,” (PhD dissertation; University of Birmingham, ).

In , James R. Royse published his exceptional study on the scribal habits of six early New Testament papyri.

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Surviving your dissertation: a comprehensive guide to. Get FREE shipping on Surviving Your Dissertation by Kjell Erik Rudestam, from In the fully updated Fourth Edition of their best-selling guide, Surviving. READ MORE Surviving Your Dissertation (ebook) by Kjell Erik Rudestam.

Last week I promised to launch a series on surviving the dissertation process. Over the next few weeks I will share the story of my dissertation: what worked for me, what did not, and how I got through the process in one piece.

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In the fully updated Fourth Edition of their best-selling guide, Surviving Your Dissertation, Kjell Erik Rudestam and Rae R. Newton answer questions concerning every stage of the dissertation process, including selecting a suitable topic, conducting a literature review, developing a research question, understanding the role of theory, selecting an appropriate methodology and research design.

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