The awakening of leonard

Posted on September 27, Views: Awakening involves crossing a threshold from one level of consciousness to another.

The awakening of leonard

Most sensitive audiophiles feel a difference, and many veteran music lovers feel a BIG difference. Horowitz asked the technical developers the same question. They explained that the difference is measurable by testing the duration of the Hz frequency transpositions and comparing it with the original recordings.

You will see the track is slightly shorter, meaning it is slightly virtually unnoticably faster. So energetically, there is a bit more energy.

But that is not the most important reason you FEEL a great improvement in energy. The main reason is "phase locking" of resonance energy with the heart of the universe.

A small increase in energy tuning puts you directly in sync with the heart of universal creation--selected by the botanical world to vibe optimally with health and sustainability: Horowitz says that Hz transpositions provide a "subtle," albeit "significant" benefit, as he personally experiences regularly with "relaxation responses" and more frequent "breath releases" when listening to Hz music.

He gains more relaxation and positive physiological responses when listening to Hz recorded music.


Read "The Book of It goes into the electrogenetics of the musical mathematics upon which this theory of DNA repair is based. Theoretically, damaged DNA has no other choice but to follow the path of least resistance and vibrate back into its most natural normal state," Dr.

To answer this important question more completely, Dr.

The awakening of leonard

Specifically, regarding DNA repair, everyone awaits more research in this field. Lee Lorenzen who simply, matter-of-factly, provided Dr. Horowitz with the statement that DNA repair was facilitated by Hz.

Lorenzen is a reputable scientist, and Dr. Horowitz trusted Lorenzen's statement, and credited him in references in this regard. Following years of accumulating information aboutand understanding more about electrogenetics, it made sense to Dr.

Horowitz that Hz frequency would create a natural resonance by which DNA, spinning in its water matrix, would be cymatically affected and potentially even restructured, back to its original, natural, form. Horowitz showed in his books, "Walk on Water" and "The Book of Horowitz also published Victor Showell's scholarly analyses proving that resonates mathematically at the heart of universal construction, reinforcing what Rodin and others had claimed by other analyses.

Based on the math, and knowledge of cymatic and acoustic science, many of Dr. Horowitz's peers have heralded the same conclusion as he has regarding Hz frequency and DNA repair. Now that we know resonates at the center, or heart, of the universe and universal construction, what resonant vibration do you believe lies at the center of your DNA--the "blueprint" of your physical construction?

It makes common sense that Hz would be supportive and even repairative to DNA.In , Leonard experienced the first of a series of spontaneous mystical awakenings that profoundly altered his perception of life, truth, and reality.

Each of these enlightenment experiences revealed deeper and deeper levels of consciousness, filling his teachings and his writings with profound wisdom, clarity, love and compassion.

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by Gregg Prescott. the awakening of leonard relationships. Nudge: Awakening Each Other To The God Who Is Already There, the latest book by Dr Leonard Sweet, is the most hopeful and helpful book on evangelism I have ever read.

The awakening of leonard

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The Way. Leonard teaches a two step path of awakening. First learn the art of being present.


Leonard shares a simple way of being present that will save you many years of meditation. Journey into Now: Clear Guidance on the Path of Spiritual Awakening [Leonard Jacobson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

With perfect precision, the author guides the reader along a path of awakening which leads to liberation from the pain and limitations of the past into the joyful and unlimited world of Now.

This book reveals.

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