The life and works and thomas hopkins gallaudet

Chirogram from Chirologia, In Britain, manual alphabets were also in use for a number of purposes, such as secret communication, [8] public speaking, or communication by deaf people. Arthrological systems had been in use by hearing people for some time; [12] some have speculated that they can be traced to early Ogham manual alphabets. The earliest known printed pictures of consonants of the modern two-handed alphabet appeared in with Digiti Lingua Latin for Language [or Tongue] of the Fingera pamphlet by an anonymous author who was himself unable to speak.

The life and works and thomas hopkins gallaudet

Eugenic Sterilization Law Spreads Like Wildfire Indiana becomes the first state to enact a eugenic sterilization law—for "confirmed idiots, imbeciles and rapists"—in state institutions. The law spreads like wildfire and is enacted in 24 other states. There he meets the poet and soldier Siegfried Sassoon, who later introduces him to Robert Graves.

Literary works from these three men, often touching on the subject of men disabled in battle, form the literary historical record for all the countries involved in "The Great War. Funding for Rehabilitation As a result of the large number of WWI veterans returning with disabilities, Congress passes the first major rehabilitation program for soldiers.

Ina bill funding vocational rehabilitation guarantees federal money for job counseling and vocational training for disabled in the general public.

It serves as a model for many of today's charitable organizations—in its methods and, some activists say, in its exclusion of people from the community being helped.

Disability History: Timeline

Her spinal column, along with her collarbone, ribs, and pelvis, is broken. For a month, she remains in bed.

Bored, she begins to paint, the first step toward becoming one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Study of Dyslexia Samuel Orton begins his extensive study of dyslexia, hypothesizing that it could be neurological versus visual, and that it was likely connected to left-handedness.

His first assumption is right. His second one, not so. Bell that the compulsory sterilization of mental defectives such as Carrie S. Buck, a young Virginia woman, is constitutional under "careful" state safeguards.

Perhaps unbelievably, this ruling has never been overturned. In his opinion, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes writes: Three generations of imbeciles are enough. Iron Lung To Combat Polio In Philip Drinker and Louis Shaw develop the iron lung, a chamber that provides artificial respiration for polio patients being treated for respiratory muscle paralysis.

Roosevelt Elected President Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes the 32nd president of the United States and is re-elected for an unprecedented four terms before dying in office in April In Augustwhile vacationing at Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Roosevelt contracted an illness, believed to be polio, which resulted in total and permanent paralysis from the waist down.

His leadership in this organization is one reason he is commemorated on the dime. Newel Perry and others to form the California Council of the Blind, which later becomes the National Federation of the Blind of California, a model for the nationwide organization he forms six years later.

Eventually, they help secure several thousand jobs nationwide. The League of the Physically Handicapped is accepted as the first organization of people with disabilities by people with disabilities.

Cerebral aneurysms

Ray Charles Blind by Age Seven At the age of seven Ray Charles Robinson loses his sight completely due to glaucoma, which he's had since the time of his birth in Albany, Georgia. He learns to read music in Braille and eventually drops his last name while performing on the Florida blues circuit.

Code-named Aktion T4, the Nazi euthanasia program is instituted to eliminate "life unworthy of life. The first baseman, nicknamed the Iron Horse, had been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALSbut that day tells the world, "Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

Kennedy's twenty-three year old sister Rosemary undergoes a prefrontal lobotomy as a "cure" for lifelong mild retardation and aggressive behavior that surfaces in late adolescence.

The operation fails, resulting in total incapacity.Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state.

Groups of deaf people have used sign languages throughout history. One of the earliest written records of a sign language is from the fifth century BC, in Plato's Cratylus, where Socrates says: "If we hadn't a voice or a tongue, and wanted to express things to one another, wouldn't we try to make signs by moving our hands, head, and the rest of our body, just as dumb people do at present?".

The life and works and thomas hopkins gallaudet

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