Veganism and a sustainable lifestyle essay

The Green Mirmaid 6 Comments This is a follow-up to my previous essay on universal veganism but should be perfectly comprehensible without having read my prior post.

Veganism and a sustainable lifestyle essay

Share via Email An Afghan man walks with his cow during sunset in Herat. Food sourced from animals is vital for pregnant women, babies and young children.

I wish it were that easy. While I commend those taking steps to change their diets to reduce their environmental footprints, a vegan world — where no one consumes animal-derived meat, milk and eggs — is not how we will achieve sustainable global development.

An investigation published in the US last month compared 10 different eating patterns and concluded that diets incorporating some animal-source foods especially milk and eggs use less land than their vegan alternative. This is because more inclusive diets make optimal use of all existing land to feed people.

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That includes croplands and rangelands where grain and hay can be grown to feed livestock. A lot of meat and milk that would remain unproductive in a vegan context is produced on these marginal rangelands. Decades of research have shown that medium levels of livestock grazing, rather than none at all, are better for the health, productivity and biodiversity of these rangelands.

Veganism and a sustainable lifestyle essay

When managed well, such areas also sequester large amounts of carbon in their soils. People in high-income countries could do much to reduce their dietary impact on the world. They could moderate their intake of all foods and reducing the amount they waste, for example.

Cows, goats, sheep, pigs and poultry are scarce assets for these people, bringing in regular household income, and can be sold in emergencies to pay for school or medical fees.

For those who would otherwise have to subsist largely on cheap grains and tubers — risking malnutrition and stunted children — livestock can provide energy-dense, micronutrient-rich food. Animal-source foods are especially important for pregnant women, babies in their first 1, days of life, and young children.

When so many lives and livelihoods depend on these animals, should we really envision a scenario where an African household is denied the chance to raise a few chickens or a couple of stall-fed dairy cows?

Veganism and a sustainable lifestyle essay

Or an Asian family is prevented from keeping a dozen pigs on a tiny plot? Or pastoralists are prevented from herding goats, sheep and cattle across drylands?

Like any other sector, livestock production faces challenges. It is a big user of water and other natural resources, and its greenhouse gas emissions contribute to climate change. Moreover, overconsumption of animal-source foods can lead to obesity and ill health; many human infectious diseases originate in livestock and other animals.

There is also the overuse of antibiotics in intensified livestock production systems, and the welfare of animals themselves, to consider. Many people in wealthy countries who advocate veganism, or indeed any other single kind of diet, do so in a context of food excess.

Demonising livestock is one such misguided simple response. To achieve true sustainable developmentwe are going to have to make good use of livestock — and all the other natural resource assets we have at our’s diet and lifestyle serious environmental damage can be avoided.

By supporting these subjects will be left to another essay. The reasons for veganism are numerous: they include compassionate or ethical reasons, religion, financial position, health and, finally, environmental concerns. This exploitation is not sustainable and will.

Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle can seem really daunting but often the idea of a big lifestyle change is a lot scarier than actually doing it. If you focus on making one change at a time the progression to veganism will feel quite natural.

The Vegan Lifestyle Essay words - 9 pages The Vegan Lifestyle Veganism is a philosophical lifestyle that more and more people are starting to embrace. Many people do not know the difference between veganism and vegetarianism and that is where the confusion begins. Essay Saving The Environment With Electric Cars.

visual argument I created is based on “saving the environment with electric cars”.

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I created a rhetorical argument based on everyday life of people, and the air we breathe every day while walking, jogging, or even enjoying a good day outside. Veganism and a Sustainable Lifestyle Essay; that veganism is that lifestyle. Becoming vegan is a powerful experience, and one feels rejuvenated, both morally and physically, after acclimating to the diet, and, although the opposition claims that veganism is either detrimental or useless, the diet is, in fact, beneficial to the environment.

One of the most common arguments against a vegan lifestyle is the fact that vegans are perceived to be deficient in a number of nutrients and vitamins. Protein, calcium, and vitamin B12 are the nutrients cited as being lacking for those who do not eat animal products.

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